Tuesday, September 5, 2023

The Cash Register

In the bustling aisles of a supermarket or the quaint corners of a local store, the cash register stands as a sentinel of commerce. To the untrained eye, it's merely a tool for transactions, a mundane piece of equipment. Yet, beneath its metallic exterior lies a profound testament to human ingenuity: the materialization of an intricate accounting system.

Accounting, in its essence, is a theoretical framework. It's a dance of numbers, a symphony of credits and debits that tell a story of financial transactions. This abstract system, rooted in logic and methodical reasoning, finds its physical manifestation in the cash register. Just as a painting is a tangible representation of an artist's vision, the cash register is the concrete embodiment of the abstract principles of accounting.

Drawing a parallel, consider the marvel of modern computing. The human mind, with its boundless capacity for logic, reasoning, and creativity, has been the driving force behind centuries of progress. Yet, how do we transfer this intangible logic into a tangible form? The answer lies in silicon, a material derived from the most ordinary of substances: sand. Through intricate processes, this sand is transformed into microchips, the heart of our computers. These chips, in essence, simulate the logic and reasoning that once resided solely in the human mind. It's a profound realization: the vast landscapes of our thoughts can be mirrored in the microscopic circuits of a computer chip.

The journey from abstract thought to material form is a testament to humanity's ability to bridge the gap between the intangible and the tangible. The cash register, in its everyday simplicity, stands as a symbol of this journey. It's not just a machine; it's a physical representation of the complex web of accounting principles and practices that have been developed over centuries.

The world around us is filled with objects that, on the surface, seem ordinary. Yet, when viewed through the lens of understanding and appreciation, they reveal the profound depth of human thought and innovation. The cash register, like the silicon microchip, serves as a reminder that even the most commonplace items can be the embodiment of grand ideas and intricate systems. In them, we see the tangible results of our abstract thinking, and the limitless potential of the human mind to shape the physical world.

The Cosmic Leap Manifest

  The Cosmic Leap Manifest

... or the journey beyond our blue dot, challenging the boundaries of our understanding and place in the universe. v.1

Humans have always been captivated by the vastness of the cosmos. From the mysteries of the quantum realm, as described in the Plank Jump Manifest, to the enigmatic origins of our universe with the Big Bang Theory, our desire to understand the unknown has been unyielding.

The Big Bang Theory, the explosive moment of creation that birthed our universe, serves as a cosmic parallel to the Planck constant. Just as the Planck constant represents a fundamental limit in the quantum world, the Big Bang represents the very beginning of time and space in the cosmic realm. Both are thresholds, one of scale and the other of time, that challenge our understanding and beckon us to explore beyond.

While the Plank Jump Manifest emphasizes the need to delve beneath the Planck constant, the Cosmic Leap Manifest challenges us to trace back to the origins of the universe and beyond. To not only understand our place within the cosmos but to expand our boundaries and explore the vast expanse outside our world.

The universe, with its black holes, dark matter, and galaxies far beyond our reach, holds secrets that could redefine our understanding of existence. Just as the quantum realm can transform our conscious human experience, the cosmic realm can reshape our perspective of our place in the universe.

In the 21st century, we've made significant strides in space exploration. Yet, these are just baby steps. To truly make a "Cosmic Leap," we must overcome technological, societal, political, and economic barriers. Imagine a world where we can trace back to the moments just after the Big Bang, unlocking the mysteries of our universe's inception. This is the vision of the Cosmic Leap. To achieve this, international cooperation is paramount. By pooling our resources, knowledge, and expertise, we can accelerate our cosmic journey.

The first step is to establish a permanent human presence beyond Earth, serving as a launchpad for deeper cosmic exploration. And just as the Plank Jump Manifest calls for a computer-brain interface, the Cosmic Leap emphasizes advanced propulsion systems, sustainable life support, and AI-driven exploration tools. While the Plank Jump focuses on the micro, the Cosmic Leap challenges us to embrace the macro. Together, these two visions provide a holistic approach to understanding and exploring our universe.

Let's take the leap, not just downwards into the quantum realm but also backward in time to the origins of our universe and beyond.

Lukas - The Cosmic Voyager

2023-09-05, Vilnius, Lithuania


Q: Why focus on the cosmos when we have so much to explore in the quantum realm?A: Both the micro and the macro are essential. While the quantum realm offers insights into the fabric of reality, the cosmos provides a broader perspective on our universe's origins and future.

Q: How can I contribute to the Cosmic Leap?A: Just as with the Plank Jump, we need both financial and intellectual contributions. Join us in this cosmic journey.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Plank Jump Manifest

 The Plank Jump Manifest

... or the science and technology driven transformation of all the religions as we know it. v.1

Humans are physical, emotional, logical, and spiritual* creatures.
*spiritual not in a currently dominant religious way, but spiritual in a conscious belief there is something more to the human experience than we are capable to comprehend, way.

Religion started as a social-cultural phenomenon that at one point in evolution allowed us to get organized in pursuit of a mutual goal which was the “spread of the word of God” ...with all the good and negative attributes that came with it. 

Evolution and survival of the fittest ensured the transition of the strongest DNA. Later on, science and the industrial revolution optimized the production process, making it more efficient ensuring prosperity of the humankind at unprecedented levels.

As a consequence of the above, now in 2023, the majority of 7.97 billion people live considerably well, at least considering physical needs, things such as starvation or famine is almost extinct. All these things, however, are elements of our physical world. For example, everything that’s behind Plank constant is still beyond human comprehension. It’s a pity because secrets that lie below, have the power to transform conscious human experience into the next level. Things such as teleportation, time travel, and flying without gadgets would potentially be just the tip of the iceberg. 

If we are able to comprehend and act within the realm of quantum and below unmanagable fruits would flourish. Sort of opening a new dimension and pushing humanity toward the real truth. The truth that’s based on science, technology, and belief in fundamental good, generosity, and curiosity of humankind. This, however, can not be done quickly in an easy way using the tools we currently have. 

The technology now is evolving rapidly disregarding the Plank Jump Manifest and we’ll get beyond the Plank constant eventually, but if one would take calculated steps, concentrate, and consolidate human and AI capital the barrier can be broken extremely soon. Perhaps even in a couple of dozens of years.

One of the blockers that slow down the progress is not so much the science community, but more politics, and military conflicts in essence the general population - the body that controls scientific budgets. The ability to coherently communicate between different languages and different people groups is the main blocker. If there was a way to fluently exchange ideas between people, broadcast our mission**, and explain steps clearly I’m sure humanity would accelerate the process fantastically.

**Concentrate resources and start a consolidated worldwide, conscious effort to experiment, invest and understand the world beneath the Plank constant.

So the first stepping stone of achieving the Plank Jump is a computer brain interface with the sole purpose of making language differences and communication difficulties between people a thing of the past, erasing the verbal boundaries of human communication. This on its own would be an enormous achievement that would bring a lot of life-changing byproducts. It is an enormous challenge, but once it’s reached all efforts shall be concentrated into understanding fully the quantum realm and possibly further.

European civilization (including the US) is leading the way with many technological innovations in this field already and this manifest is a first effort to simplify the message, mobilize the masses, consolidate human power and direct it towards the most meaningful work we can ever imagine doing - making a Plank Jump.

Lukas - The Plank Jumper

2022-07-26, Vilnius, Lithuania


Q: Isn't it to early to have such big plans? first learn to walk only then run.

A: Maybe it is, maybe it’s not, I choose to place a really big target ahead, and let’s see, if we reach even halfway it would leave me satisfied. Maybe China will be the first to reach it.

Q: I want to contribute but have no relevant skills, how can I help?

A: With or without relevant skills at this point we do need a financial foundation to accelerate the progress so if you have money to contribute, it would be a great help. More about financial contributions contact me.

We do not claim to be the universal truth - these are just conclusions based on my understanding of the world around us, it may be wrong so I invite everyone to discuss and share the progress of scholars, businesses, and other movements that you think would contribute to Planck's transgression.

In all of our efforts to live good lives, we operate within the Newtonian physics level. It’s like optimizing an internal combustion engine. With all the brain power of the world, this will always lose to a fundamentally more efficient electric motor. That’s how, at least partially, I see the plank leap.  

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Courage is the heartbeat of success

Courage is the heartbeat of success, empowering us to conquer fears and embrace achievements! 😊 Three crucial elements that fuel the magic of courage:

1 - First, having the freedom to choose our path and follow our passions unlocks our inner strength! 🌟 Autonomy ignites the fire within, propelling us toward greatness with unyielding determination.

2 - Second, diving deep into the subject matter and gaining expertise fuels our confidence! 💪 Armed with knowledge, we fearlessly navigate uncharted territories, turning challenges into opportunities.

3 - Lastly, having a supportive community by our side adds wings to our courage! 🤗 Together, we soar higher, inspiring and uplifting one another.

With autonomy, knowledge, and a strong community, we unleash the extraordinary power of courage, opening doors to unparalleled success in our lives! 🚀

#success #opportunities #community #power

Friday, July 7, 2023

I've joined public sector

From all perspectives and business ideas I had, I've decided to try something completely different. For the last year and a bit, I've been working on various IT projects in government. Helping various institutions to save money and develop systems in a frugal way. 

Promoting agile work methods, sharing a startup mentality for the public sector, and working with many awesome people. It's truly a different experience than building your own compan
y, dealing with clients, partners, etc. but I feel like I found an awesome place for myself for at least a couple of following years. 

Also presenting a quick sneak peek of my first project, a system for the Environmental Protection Department under the Ministry of Environment that's used by 500+ inspectors on a daily basis:

More to come soon!