Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hi there, long time since I talked with you guys/girls here :)

there is already bunch of news, but I'll drop just a small portion for now as I'm just here a moment.
more info later

What an amazing place online world is. There is this new blog of Lithuanian cg artists updating it with quick and not so quick sketches almost every day now, I think regularly only few guys draw but it still rocks and is worth a post in my poor news feed :)  so the deal is that every day at 22:00 Lithuanian time, we gather on skype chatroom and decide a topic for that evening, then everybody draws like a madman. Almost every day when action takes place you'll see some awesome masterpieces created. Don't hesitate and drop by at:
(Noriupiesti blog (which means I-want-to-draw) is not new actually, it's open for public for 4months now but during Christmas holidays everything have stopped but it looks that we're back on track now!! Rock on guys!)
artists that participate in noriupiesti:

sorry if missed someone :)