Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Flick a trade

For the last 6months I was working together with Cygnecode (London based technology company) on a Flick A Trade a mobile trading game that gives you access to real markets with realtime prices.
Together with wonderful team in London I've been working on UI and UX on this project, the final touch was this short video:

Every day millions of people try their luck at casino tables, bet on sporting events and play chance games online—all of which offer worse odds of winning than trading. Financial trading, though, presents considerable barriers to entry: Would-be market participants need access via brokers, banks or retail trading firms; they need knowledge about how markets move and how to benefit from those shifts; and they need not insignificant amounts of disposable time and cash. Because of these barriers, trading is like a thrilling roller coaster that many people just aren't tall enough to ride.
"Flick a trade" offers all the excitement of the financial fair ground without any of the risk. The game is designed to be intuitive and fun so that complete novices are up and trading with fantasy funds within minutes. Beginners and pros alike enjoy fast access to 70+ live markets—commodities, indices or currencies—24/5. They can play anywhere from their smart phone, using simple, familiar gestures—drag and drop, pinch and zoom, fold and tap, swipe and flick—to create watch lists, interact with charts and place trades.

More info here:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Part Two & Lunar

Part Two
Part Two is a project I did together with my better half. It is our first project together, hopefully not the last one. 
In a nutshell it was a submission to a design competition "Design for death" it explores new eco-friendly possibilities of funerals and burying process itself. We haven't won the competition (very similar idea to ours won) anyway we ended up with this pretty animation so you be the judge of it.

If you're interested you can get in depth look at here

This is a trailer which I did for Lunar Elcipse, iPhone, Android game which you can download from here and here respectively

aaaand down bellow actual in game footage. 

(ps.. there is an update already created, should see a daylight sooooon)

Also - something mega awesome and exciting coming in a few days (week max) that hopefully I'll be able to share with you and if my habit of the most irregular blog updating won't get in the way I'll post it here. 

Over and out, yours truly,