Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunar Eclipse

Hi guys and gerls,

Long time since my last post, bunch of new things happened. I've started working full time at Pixel Punch (i'm co founder there) and relocated to London, UK so we have three offices right now, two proper offices in Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas) and one kinda office in UK. Things are going pretty radically awesome so its really exciting time for me right now. We're also finishing up one Arcade/Augmented Reality game Lunar Eclipse if everything goes as planned (fingers crossed) we should finish it this week and here is a time lapse video I made yesterday of final touches on the game.
Also together with Robertas who does contract work at Pixel Punch we've been working on some really awesome 3D assets for games, check out just a quick screen grab from 3DsMax view port (proper quality renders will come soon)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Printed my first canvas image

Check out photo of how it looks while hanging on the wall, sorry for poor photo quality my camera is pretty shitty. I was really excited to see my work on the canvas, as I always work with digital format it was truly a relief to hold something I created in my own hands. It felt really good cause its first time my picture materialized. Wish I could print out all my pictures. 

See final raw image at the gallery above.