Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ouh yeah! My glorious vocation

so.... at last first time this summer i get my one week of deserved vacation (well at-least i think i deserved it ^^) that's super sweet. I'm staying in Kleve, Deutchland in a about 6km from border with Netherlands (amhh i might just maybe visit Amsterdam if' I'll be feeling that way)
Kleve by itself isn't so much of exciting place, but because some of my relatives live there its a nice vacation and kinda little version of family reunion :) so anyways i have an amazing view to Schwanenburg from my balcony so maybe I'll grab some acrylics and do a painting or two later next week.
Aaah and even more good/happy news :))) -hehe I like those.
ODP is starting to get recognized by more and more bloggers and iPhone fans every day. Just yeasturday we got really nice review by Andy Boxall from you can read it overHERE. Andy, thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate it! Also we thank Laurence Borel who wrote article at! (in case you missed it you can read her article overHERE

and also if you haven't seen ODP promo video OR HAVEN'T EVEN HEARD ABOUT IT please follow this link 3 IPHONE GAMES MADE IN 3 DAYS

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

have you seen Bound for Glory?

just came back from pub "Artistai" there was this Canadian guy singin real nice american/canadian folk style songs that reminded me of Woodie Guthrie. Do you know this artist? if not please check! his songs are really great and inspirational, there is very good film called Bound for Glory ( that you should definitely see if you're interested in period of great depression in america (hell we have this great depression just right now in baltics you might think) lol i would say, its nothing compared what people had to face back a decade ago. well some good vibes to end day :)

got to get to work before 10 a clock tomorrow so I'd better be going now

PS. the guy who performed@artistai has band (containing of one person... ahem himself) which is called Old Seed,
see his myspace page here
and whats for Woodie see this nice playlist on youtube

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Atlast onair!

Hello dear friends and readers, at last (after 3 years) i updated my webpage! can't be any happier!! it's already 5:40 in the morning but i did what I had to do a long time ago. I always imagined i should get blog/portfolio where all of my stuff including motion picture, thoughts, illustrations and 3D pieces would find one place, and at last its here. From now on I'll be updating my status really often so be sure to add my twitter and Facebook accounts to your lists! also deviantart and youtube accounts avalible for your pleasure.

....and some night music that keeps me up (one friend of mine reciantly reminded me of one good old game Tropico and its wonderfull soundtrack)  hmm wish i knew Spanish...

I'm currently working on a few really exciting projects for iPhone and iPad platforms so soon some interesting info will be reveled