Tuesday, September 14, 2010

d'ART Bizarre is finaly here!

last 4months I've been working together with 5 wonderful people inside what we call KIORK - a team of passionate gamedevelopers, artists, programmers, geeks and simply nice people :) we've been working on some very exciting projects of which some are almost finished, some are already waiting for a final touch and some have just been released! the one I'm exceptionally excited about is called d'ART Bizarre it is a jigsaw puzzle, a game for iPhone platform (iPad version is still waiting for a review  - only a few days to wait) 

d'ART Bizarre for iPhone is presented with a collection of 20 drawings done by me specially selected for this theme (iPad version has 22 drawings, 2 extra just for your pleasure :) It is already availible on iTunes for 0.99$ be sure to check it out: 

We've previously released a version of d'ART with work of wonderful EglÄ— Zioma, artist and colleague @KIORK, it had a huge recognition inside Apple's community and have been included into New&Noteworthy category on iTunes!
After some discussions we've decided to give a present for all our followers and art lovers by making first d'ART version for free! It's was just 3days ago and d'ART was downloaded more the 10.000 times! want to be 10.000 and first? grab your copy till it's free:

Unlock new images by completing first puzzles, earn more stars and publish your best results on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, your friends will see a fragment of completed image so don't wait - show them what you're made from and dive right in!

★ 20 unique paintings ★
★ win stars and activate new pictures! ★
★ show unlocked images to friends on Facebook ★
★ state-of-the-art interface ★
★ get monthly updates ★

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