Thursday, December 8, 2022

Some new exciting projects undergo

Well first of all, after 2 and a half years of going through the driving instructions, pausing because of Corona, and in general, after a very long couple of years, I'm finally a certified driver!!

Wohooo!! 😄

I also quit TableAir. 8 years in the making but finally decided it was time to move into something new. Initially, I thought I'll have some time to reflect and decide what to do next (my last day at TA was Feb. 17th 2022) after 7 days the scum russists attacked Ukraine. So I and my wife got a bit anxious and considering after such a long time working on TA I had to readjust to a new reality - unemployed with a huge military attack by russia next door. Sleeping was difficult to say the least... Well oh well, but after a couple of weeks, I joined an NGO, a volunteer org. that helps Ukraine - Gedimino Legionas, and really felt great helping those innocent people. One thing led to another and now I'm working in the public sector at the ministry of the environment of Lithuania.

I've got a couple of extremely interesting projects - digitalization of the environmental control process - we're building software that should help inspectors do their job in the way they deserve in 2022. Tight deadlines, huge scope, uncertainty, and many unknowns - I love it! Also buying rigid tablets, loads of them, worth over eur0.5mil. And an awesome positive team to do all of the above. I'm really impressed by quality and maturity of my colleagues.

To infinity and beyond!